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HARRIES_GRAPH_LCF - Static variable in class org.graphstream.algorithm.generator.lcf.HarriesGraphGenerator
LCF notation of a Harries graph.
HARRIES_WONG_GRAPH_LCF - Static variable in class org.graphstream.algorithm.generator.lcf.HarriesWongGraphGenerator
LCF notation of a Harries-Wong graph.
HarriesGraphGenerator - Class in org.graphstream.algorithm.generator.lcf
Build a Harries graph.
HarriesGraphGenerator() - Constructor for class org.graphstream.algorithm.generator.lcf.HarriesGraphGenerator
HarriesWongGraphGenerator - Class in org.graphstream.algorithm.generator.lcf
Build a Harries-Wong graph.
HarriesWongGraphGenerator() - Constructor for class org.graphstream.algorithm.generator.lcf.HarriesWongGraphGenerator
hasIndex(int) - Method in class org.graphstream.algorithm.FixedArrayList
True if the given index i references a value.
HEAWOOD_GRAPH_LCF - Static variable in class org.graphstream.algorithm.generator.lcf.HeawoodGraphGenerator
LCF notation of a Headwood graph.
HeawoodGraphGenerator - Class in org.graphstream.algorithm.generator.lcf
Build a Heawood graph.
HeawoodGraphGenerator() - Constructor for class org.graphstream.algorithm.generator.lcf.HeawoodGraphGenerator
height - Variable in class org.graphstream.algorithm.measure.ChartMeasure.PlotParameters
Dimensions of the plot.
heuristic(Node, Node) - Method in interface org.graphstream.algorithm.AStar.Costs
Estimate cost from the given node to the target node.
heuristic(Node, Node) - Method in class org.graphstream.algorithm.AStar.DefaultCosts
The heuristic.
heuristic(Node, Node) - Method in class org.graphstream.algorithm.AStar.DistanceCosts
HierarchicalLayout - Class in org.graphstream.ui.layout
HierarchicalLayout() - Constructor for class org.graphstream.ui.layout.HierarchicalLayout
HierarchicalLayout.Rendering - Enum in org.graphstream.ui.layout
HypercubeGenerator - Class in org.graphstream.algorithm.generator
Generates a hypercube of dimension equal to the number of calls to HypercubeGenerator.nextEvents().
HypercubeGenerator() - Constructor for class org.graphstream.algorithm.generator.HypercubeGenerator
Creates a hypercube generator
hypergeometricDistribution(double, double, double, double) - Static method in class org.graphstream.algorithm.measure.SurpriseMeasure
Helper to compute the hypergeometric distribution.
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