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union(Object, Object) - Method in class org.graphstream.algorithm.util.DisjointSets
Union of the set containing e1 and the set containing e2.
unsafeGet(int) - Method in class org.graphstream.algorithm.FixedArrayList
I-th element.
unweightedEccentricity(Node, boolean) - Static method in class org.graphstream.algorithm.Toolkit
Eccentricity of a node not considering edge weights.
URLGenerator - Class in org.graphstream.algorithm.generator
Generate a graph using the web.
URLGenerator(String...) - Constructor for class org.graphstream.algorithm.generator.URLGenerator
URLGenerator.Mode - Enum in org.graphstream.algorithm.generator
URLGenerator.URLFilter - Interface in org.graphstream.algorithm.generator
Defines url filter.
UTILITY_LCF - Static variable in class org.graphstream.algorithm.generator.lcf.UtilityGraphGenerator
LCF notation of a utility graph. [3]^6
UtilityGraphGenerator - Class in org.graphstream.algorithm.generator.lcf
Build a utility graph.
UtilityGraphGenerator() - Constructor for class org.graphstream.algorithm.generator.lcf.UtilityGraphGenerator
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