Source Repository

GraphStream uses git to manage its sources. If you are not initiated to this revision control system, you could find a tutorial here.

GraphStream is divided into several modules, and there is a repository for each of them. The main ones are :

  • gs-core
  • gs-algo
  • gs-ui

gs-core is the base of GraphStream which is all you need to read a graph and display it easily. gs-algo contains extra algorithms which can be run on a graph. gs-ui provides other graphic viewers and will contain sources for graphical tools.

Actually, public repositories of GraphStream are hosted on github.

Clone a GraphStream repository

To retrieve sources of GraphStream, you have to clone the corresponding repository. You have to use the following command :

git clone git://

where xxx is one of

  • core
  • algo
  • ui

Git will create a new directory ( named gs-xxx ) and download files of the repository. This cloned repository is in read-only mode, so you can not push changes you will bring on files.

Work with the team on a repository

First you have to be registered on github and to be added as a gs-developer. Then, you have to clone the repository in ssh-mode:

git clone

Then you can bring changes to files. To learn how to commit your changes on the repository, you can read the “Making changes” part of the git tutorial.