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Why using CSS style sheets ? Why not other configuration methods like a XML file ?

In specifying graphic style for elements drawn by the graph viewer we felt that a CSS-like syntax was the more appropriate since:

  • a lot of people already know CSS well and have a good understanding of its concepts ;

  • a rule based syntax was quite appropriate to apply style to general things like “all nodes” and particular things like “the node with identifier ‘A’”;

  • there was already a well documented whole dictionary of styling attributes in CSS that we could re use.

  • separating the graph structure from its appearance will be quite useful.

  • Using style classes and dynamic size and color we can quickly change the appearance of a node or edge just by changing one attribute.

  • It is often more efficient since you do not have to apply style to each element individually. Furthermore at runtime the styles are compiled in a graphically efficient way that allows to apply them and switch them quickly for elements of the graph.